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Topics: Strategic management, Management, The Art of War Pages: 12 (4116 words) Published: January 31, 2013
* 1.0 Introduction
Media Prima Berhad, established and launched in 2003. It is a leading integrated media investment group in Malaysia. Why we chosen Media Prima Berhad for our assignment is because they run their business successfully and we also interested in knowing what strategy they use in their business to make them became a leading media corporation in Malaysia. Media Prima Berhad owned and operated many businesses in various industries, which include the television broadcasting, content creation, radio, new media, print, and outdoor advertising. For the television broadcasting, they currently own 100 per cent equity interest in TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9 whereas for the print media, they are now owns more than 90 per cent equity interest in The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) (NSTP) Berhad, one of Malaysia's largest publisher which publishes three national newspapers; the New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. Media Prima also owns three radio networks which are Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM. Other cross media interests of Media Prima include content creation; event and talent management. The Group's leadership position in the Outdoor business is represented by Big Tree Outdoor Sdn Bhd, UPD Sdn Bhd, Right Channel Sdn Bhd, Kurnia Outdoor Sdn Bhd and Jupiter Outdoor Network Sdn Bhd. The Group has strong online presence through its digital communications and broadcasting subsidiary, Alt Media, via the Lifestyle Portal and the newly launched, a cutting-edge video portal with HD-ready quality viewing experience that offers the individualism of customized content and interactivity of social networking. Outside of Malaysia, Media Prima has a controlling stake in TV3 Network Ltd, Ghana’s leading private television station. They not just focus their business within Malaysia but have expanded to overseas country. They are now leading by Dato’ Amrin Awaluddin, group managing director of Media Prima Berhad and the company were listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. They are a large organization with entertaining a lot of people in Malaysia with their variety of businesses every day.  

2.0 Content
In business world, detailed assessment and planning is a matter of important for businessman to apply their business. Professor Wee Chow-How (2003) claimed that Sun Zi Art of War is a military philosophy book but not a book on military science due to the name of Sun Zi. Unlike Western military writers, Sun Zi focused on military arts which he proposed on principles, concepts and approaches that targeted to win the “heart” of enemy. Furthermore, Sun Zi Art of War focuses on strategies and execution rather than waging a war although Sun Zi devoted chapters on waging of wars. Today, Sun Zi Art of War is well used in references to success in business and management purpose. In chapter one of Sun Zi Art of War, Sun Zi said: The conduct of war is a matter of vital importance to the nation. It is a matter of life and death of the people and army. And it determines the survival or death of the country. It must be examined thoroughly. Thus, we need to analysis and study five aspects by comparing ours against competitors so as to understand changing conditions and circumstances in business work places. The five aspects are as follow: 1. Moral influence

2. Weather
3. Terrain
4. Generalship of commander
5. Doctrine and law
Moral influence
It refer to a measurement and policy that align the people with the leader (sovereign) to make the people complete to be in accord with their rules.  It is set as fundamental values for all organizations. Once the organization appreciates the contribution of their employees, they will follow the leaders without care of their lives, without fear by any danger of uncertainty happen. This will irritate employees to have the same goals like the leader and they willing to co-exist with leader.   

It refers to the contrasting the...
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