Sun Vampires

Topics: Sun tanning, Sun, The Reader Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Who is this piece written for?

“The Big Issue” is intended to meet the public in common. The article itself is destined to victims who, are seen as those people who have enough money to have homes and jobs, and are really widely concerned about society rather than being selfish persons. Readers are probable to be young rather than in the adulthood and moderately wealthy who can afford this kind of ‘specialized programmes’. It as well is aimed to people who are mostly well informed, or more aware of ‘current issues’, restless to know what is happening in the real world. ‘The Big Issue’ hunts for raising funds and make profit. The sun beds are not found regularly in outlets but sold by salesmen in the principle cities of London (‘Electric Beach in London’s Convent Garden’).

Readers are influenced by the persuading marketing concept of mentioning celebrities such as ‘Peter Andre’ to make the product desirable. Readers should be in a financial position of being able to spend £399 a year for the course. Users might get addicted to tanning just as smoking. The message is serious, just as the tone is emphasized, but not too exaggerated because readers should not feel frightened or else ‘The Big Issue’ would lose clients.

What is the writer trying to do or say to the reader?

The purpose of the writer is to convey that sun beds are really dangerous and have a high chance of addicting people to them just like smoking. Those who supply the habit are abusive with the only thing in mind of benefiting from the preys. The people who use them do not face reality as they are being through this article that sun beds are unsafe.

How does the writer achieve her purpose?

1. The message expressed is serious, but the tone is quite optimistic. The tone of voice creates a high tension to the reader in order for the message to reach the reader’s mind and understanding. Throughout the article the mood sometimes changes, just as the depressing confirmation by the medical...
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