Sun Tanning and Face

Topics: Sun tanning, Human skin color, Water Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: October 1, 2012
This article that I will tell you is how to keep your face smooth, and healthy. By telling you that not only products will keep your face looking smooth and healthy, but using face treatments such as fruits and eating healthy will make your face beautiful. However, some of you will prefer facial products; it’s probably because it can heal your big zits, wrinkles, and such things that appear on your face every time you are stressed or eating unhealthy foods in much quickest way. Telling you a fact, that by buying products for your face will cost you too much money knowing that you don’t know what effects will appear once you tried it, Although most of the people these days does not have a time to search for facial treatments, but have you ever think about saving your money, By just buying fruits and search up for an article that will tell you the step by step to help you for your problem. Well today you are about to know the easiest and the cheapest way for your facial problem!

Most of the teenagers today specially the ones that are going through puberty are probably having a problem from getting acnes. Do not panic! Because having an acne at that age is normal, but some of them can turn to a big zits, this happens when you keep on touching them or when you always eat unhealthy foods such as oily foods and also eating chocolate can make you have a lot of zits but not only from the foods you eat, you can also get them when you are living in a polluted place where you always sweat your face and having you hair touching your face. Things You'll Need

- 3 or more cotton balls
- Lukewarm tap water
- Cup to hold the water in
- Salt

The Method
1. Salt the water thoroughly -- much more than you think it needs. 2. Dip one cotton ball in the salt water.
3. Wait for 30 - 60 seconds.
4. Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping. 6. Glance at your watch/clock. Wait exactly three minutes.
7. Remove the cotton ball after the time is up. The...
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