Sun Cellular Descriptions

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Sun Cellular
DigiTel Mobile Philippines, Inc. d/b/a Sun Cellular is a mobile telecommunication service provider in the Philippines. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, or Digitel. It is assigned to an access code of 922/923. The company began its operations in 2003. Its position as a latecomer in the market allowed it to put up infrastructure at lower cost. Sun Cellular gained popularity because of its "24/7" offer of unlimited text messaging and calls for a fixed price for Sun-to-Sun transactions. This led competing networks Smart Communications and Globe Telecom to offer similar but higher-cost plans.


Sun Cellular has been up for almost 4 years. The President or the CEO of this company is Ms. Raissa Anne S. Bola. It is the fastest growing mobile network in the Philippines. Sun Cellular, having technologies and infrastructure of almost 6-8 years of that of Globe Telecom is a great leap for telecommunications. But coming late into the market may be a little tough for Sun, a whole lot of money must be given for advertising and system improvements. Brief History

• March, 2003
o Sun Cellular began operations in major cities of the Philippines • October, 2004
o Sun Cellular began to offer 24/7 Call and texts unlimited for 250php a month and 100php for 10 days o Covered more areas of the Philippines
• March, 2005
o Sun Cellular began to offer call and text unlimited for 350php a month and 100php a week o Sun Cellular began to also offer texts unlimited for 150php a month and 50php a week o Sun Cellular improved their service much more and increased the capacity of their network • February, 2006

o Sun introduced a free voice calls included in texts unlimited cards for 4 hours and 1 hour respectively • March, 2006
o Sun increased the price of their texts unlimited cards to 450 and 150 respectively • September, 2006
o Sun introduced the 100php call and text unlimited for 5 days • February, 2007
o Sun introduced 25Php 1 day call and text unlimited


Sun Cellular offers the range of services include:

Regular Services

• Data/Fax

Value Added Services

Unlimited Services

|Denomination |Description |Validity | |Call&Text Unlimited 450 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls and Texts, preloaded with P50 regular load |30days | |Call&Text Unlimited 150 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls and Texts, preloaded with P25 Regular load |7days | |Call&Text Unlimited 100 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls and Texts |5days | |Call&Text Unlimited 25 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls and Texts |1 day | |Text Unlimited 150 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Text, preloaded with 4 free hours voice calls |30 days | |Text Unlimited 50 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Text, preloaded with 1 free hour voice calls |7 days | |Text Unlimited Lite 20 |Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Text only |2 days | |Daylite 100 |Preloaded with P30.00 Regular. Unlimited Sun-to-Sun Calls from 12 midnight to 6 pm. P0.25/min |7 days | | |Sun-to-Sun Calls from 6:01 pm to 11:59 pm and unlimited Sun-to-Sun Texts All Day, All Night. | |...
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