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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Very often, you will be required to describe people, places, events or an experience that you have had. This can be in an examination situation or in a social situation when you are just talking to people. In order to describe anything effectively, you must have a wide vocabulary. You must be especially able to use verbs, adverbs, adjectives and imagery aptly and with confidence. This section contains many examples of good descriptive sentences. It is hoped that you will be inspired by them to be more adventurous in your own descriptions of people, places and things. Your descriptive sentences should communicate information accurately and be interesting, even exciting.

SOME DESCRIPTIONS OF PEOPLE Face: • • • • • • • • • His profile was sensitive and delicate with an expression of patience and gentleness. His face was large and good-humored. He wore an expression of great good nature. He had pale brown hair inclined to curl, and a pair of honest brown eyes. His grey hair was sticking out and his red face seemed to be swollen with anger. He had a surly face with a bull-neck, overhanging temples, and his hair was cut close all round his head. She had a shock of untidy black hair, brown eyes, a thin bony face, and an unexpected charming smile. He has a broad face with high cheek bones. His face is round with a blotchy complexion.

Dress: • • • • • • • People dressed in bright, lurid colors, tight long skirts and oversized shirts. He was clad in a loose cotton jacket over a voluminous shirt. She wore an ostentatious evening gown that looked like molten gold. He was dressed in a bedraggled suit of khaki. He was wearing a bright red cotton shirt and a heavy corduroy jacket and solid shoes with thick soles. He was untidily, even shabbily dressed. He was well dressed, but his brilliant necktie, shining pin and glittering rings were flamboyant in their effect.

2 EMOTION • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • A haunted haze of fear...
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