Summer Workout Plan

Topics: Physical exercise, Muscle, Exercise physiology Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: July 27, 2011
This upcoming summer I plan to achieve many desired goals, but one goal that I am specifically focused on is that of becoming stronger. I will be planning on getting a lot bigger due to this work out plan and without track season it will allow me to focus on eating more and gaining more muscle mass without running it off every day. Seeing, as I will not be participating in any league or district sports this summer this will be strictly for my own general health and in preparation for my upcoming senior year track season. With my workout plan, I will be anticipating gaining at least ten pounds in body mass as well as increasing my muscular endurance and capability. I am going to be working out in the morning or early afternoon, if it’s not the first thing I do for the day it’ll be in the early afternoon after a work day of caddying that can be taken as my cardio before my workout. For my workout I will be doing a little cardio before I lift every day I do go to lift, either I will go play basketball, run on a treadmill or the track, or swim in a pool all provided at the facility that I have a membership at. I will be working out at least four days a week at minimum, but with a maximum of five days a week, I want to give my body enough time to rest recover and gain in my muscular capabilities before I go back at it and tear up my muscles again. I will be alternating the days of lifting with not only how I lift but also what I lift; it will be a rotation of heavy medium and light lifting days. Along with the rotation of workout strictly targeting certain areas, for example I will have days targeting core lifts then another based on strictly back and legs, and then another for arms and chest. These all with be put into the rotation so that each will be placed on a light day medium day and a heavy day so that one workout isn’t always lifted heavy or always lifted light. From my house, this club is only ten minutes, which is a good thing because within this distance it...
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