Summer vs Winter

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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Summer and Winter: From the View of a Pennsylvanian
Summer and winter are two of the four seasons out of the year, and they are vastly different in Pennsylvania. Summer is a muggy and hot season, and winter is a bitter cold season. During the summer the lake is cool and inviting for a swimmer, but during the winter the frozen solid lake catches the eye of an avid skater. The job of shoveling the snow in the winter is somewhat distressing to a teen because of the bitter cold, but the job of mowing the lawn in the summer is even worse because of the sizzling heat. People keep warm in the winter by the fireplace and heater, and keep cool in the summer by the fan and air-conditioning. The favorite drinks in the summer are lemonade, iced water, and iced coffee. The favorite drinks of the winter are hot chocolate, warmed milk, and hot coffee. The most anticipated holiday in the summer is the Fourth of July. This is a time of picnics with family and friends, fun at the fairgrounds, and a fireworks display during the warm night. The most anticipated holiday in the winter is Christmas. This is a time of dinner around the table with family and friends, gifts under the tree, and caroling to different houses during the chilly evening hours. The summer dress is typically shorts and a short sleeve shirt. The winter dress is usually jeans and a sweatshirt or anything that is warm and cozy. These seasons, although different in many ways, are enjoyed by all. They both hold their own qualities.
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