Summer Vacations

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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1. What I did on my summer vacation

2. How my family celebrates holidays

3. Positive and negative aspects of international romance

1. What I did on my summer vacations.

Last summer, we can’t have a lot of relaxing vacations, because I have to move here, but we have a one weekend that my family and I went to Cancun. We had great time together with the joy of swimming, lying on the beach and got a lot of souvenirs. That was my vacation on July. The weather was so hot. My father decided to go to Cancun beach. We bought 5 train-tickets and went on the trip excitedly. That night I couldn't sleep well. I just thought about the interests. We arrived at 9 am. Then my parents rent a house for a hotel. We unlocked our handbag and quickly went to the beach. Dad brought us a kite to fly it. We swam a lot, until 11 am. At lunch time, we ate burgers with bacon. The food was so delicious that my brother wanted to eat more and more. We took a nap for about 3 hours, then got up to meet some friends. Unfortunately, when we arrived at my father friend's...
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