Summer Therapeutic Activities Program: Autistic Support Group

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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I observed the summer day camp program called SUMMER THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITIES PROGRAM AUTISTIC SUPPORT GROUP provided by Child Guidance Resource Centers. Child Guidance Resource Centers (CGRC) is a private, non-profit community behavioral healthcare organization. The Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP) is a highly structured summer day treatment service for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years with emotional support and 6 to 21 years with autistic support needs. I observed STAP Autistic support group following one small group for their daily activities. Their program starts at 8:15 and finishes at 3:15. The day was filled with great various activities. On their website, STAP states the following:

Our goal is to promote the development of socialization skills that will allow the child to integrate into community activities once they have completed the program. The program will work to increase the child's ability to develop and maintain peer relationships through activities, which promote communication, cooperation, emotional expression, appreciation for diversity, and non-violent conflict resolution. The program focuses on assisting children with social skills deficits related to diagnoses of Autism or PDD.

I had this opportunity to observe STAP since I had a friend, named Benjie, who works at STAP as a camp counselor. Observing him and his group was a great experience.
STAP has a large camp ground which enables one to do various activities such as art therapy, sports, cooperative games, trust-building activities, problem-solving activities, and occupational therapy. Also it has a swimming pool, nature trail and a beautiful farm with many animals which enable swimming, nature activities. Benjie's job as a camp counselor is to lead the small group of 5 to those activities. Camp has...
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