Summer Solstice

Topics: Man, Rica Peralejo, Ritual Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 27, 2010
Summer Solstice

Actually the Summer Solstice story of he famous Nick Joaquin and the Movie Tatarin was great. Great in the sense that it shows the true meaning of the story that men should sometimes be equal to women and women can also dominate men in all criteria of living.

The following are some events that are not in the story itself and were added in the movie: ➢ The scene that Amada is dancing the ritual in the forest. ➢ All the sexy or bed scenes that are added for the spice of the movie to give some interest for some men ➢ The rituals they do in the Balete tree that there some kind of vegetables that symbolizes something ➢ Michaela and Maggie are not originally in the story and also the scene where Maggie is dancing with Guido and seducing him by letting him touch her breast. ➢ The flashback scene were Don Paeng is watching the Pareade of St John and Tatarin when he was young ➢ The scene at the Church were they have a listened the mass ➢ The women of Tatarin dancing with the men of St. John in the forest and I the part the sex scene of Guido and Donya Lupe ➢ When Donya Lupe put oil in his body and imagining that he is with someone ➢ The scene were Don Paeng invited Guido while dancing to have some drink

There are nothing that has been removed them only added but there are some changes of setting Example are:

➢ the place they held the ritual it is said in the book that it is a chapel while in the movie it is in the forest ➢ originally in the story that Donya Lupe has three boys but in the movie she has two boys only ➢ the characteristic of Amada was change in the story she is fat but she was presented in the movie by Rica Peralejo who is a sexy woman ➢ I think one is the place were Do Paeng was beaten by the women of Tatarin

In the Story some characters or things that symbolize something the following are some:

➢ The Age of Byron it...
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