Summer Reading

Topics: Self-esteem, Father, Mother Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Summer Reading
* Bronx Masquerade
* The Silver Kiss
* Canyons

Title: The Bronx Masquerade
Author: Nikki Grimes
Point of view: First Person
Setting-Time and Place: Present Day, in theBronx, NY

All Main Characters and Descriptions
* Tyrone Bittings: Dad Died, doesn’t like white people. * Chankara Troupe: Abused by her boyfriend, writes very good poems. * Raul Ramirez: Painter, Writes a well-written Zorro Poem. * Diondra Jordan: Painter, father wants her to play basketball due to her height. * Devon Hope: Plays basketball, but his favorite secret pastime is reading. * Lupe Algarin: Wants to have a baby, for someone to love her, and she never smiles. * Gloria Martinez: Had a baby (B, Angel) father abandoned them, and its hard work. * Janelle Battle: Smart, loves to read, chubby, and low self esteem. * Leslie Lucas: White, mom died, scared of black people, only friend is Porscha * Judianne Alexander: Abused by father, low self esteem, and she is jealous of Lupe. * Tanisha Scott: Light Skinned, Long Hair, “caramel cutie”. Most people are jealous. * Sterling Hughes: “Preacher” Believes in God intensely and plays the guitar. * Amy Moskowitz: Has no friends, is afraid of being hurt again since her mother died. * Sheila Gamboroni: Italian, Hates her blonde hair, wants her Africana name Natalia. * Steve Ericson: Wants to design sets on Broadway, is moving out of New York. * Raynard Patterson: Dyslexic doesn’t like to read, but poetry raised his self esteem. * Porscha Jackson: Everyone thinks she is violent b/c her mom abused her.

Plot Summary: When a high school English teacher uses the method of a poetry slam to bring his students to the realization that they are all different and equal. That the color of their skin does not matter, its their knowledge, and prosperity that will take them places in life.

Conflict: Each student wants something that a different student has. When...
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