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Summer People

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Summer People

When you are young, how do you know where to put your feet? How do you know as a teenager, where your future will be, and how will you distingulish between what you want to do and what is your parrents intention?

The British short story ’Summer People’ is written by D. J. Taylor and published in the 1990’s. It is about a sixteen-year old boy (Julian), who is in a quandadry concerning his future. Should he follow his dream and become an artist, or should he listen to his father’s advice in continuing studying and taking the sixth-form scince course? One day Miss. Hoare arrives. She is an artist and as the father says ”Apparently she’s made aquite name for herself” (p. 3 line 85-85). Her open mind and outgoing person inspires Julian to do what he wants. They go to exhibitions and drink white wine at a bar in her hotel. One day she mentions an art school at Norwich, and wants to lend Julians sketchbooks to look them through. This made Julian deeply excited. This promise was never realized though, because Miss. Hoare’s friend Mr. Castleton is visiting her, and when Julian turns up at her door, the friend opens and gives Julian his sketchbooks. A room away, Julian sees another side os Miss. Hoare –awry looking in a nightdress. Returning from the hotel, Julian stops and stares at the station. The Summer People are departing, and with the wind blows all of his drawings, wich he has teared out of his sketchbooks. He has now chosen his future.

In the story we meet Julian Holroyd as the main character. He is the stationers son. The short story is written in 3rd person, and inner point og view because we can follow Julians thoughts (”…Julian had answered, which was honest but scarey sensible” page 4 line 102). He attends to the school, and does the best as possible –to please the father, who has great plans waiting for his future in science. In spite that he his future is in science, his heart belongs to art. He makes drawings, and experiments with...
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