Summer Olympic Games and Jessica Swam

Topics: 2008 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games, World record progression 200 metres butterfly Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 25, 2013
jessica ran home after the swimming meet. she never missed a meet, or anything related to swimming. it was her one and only passion, but today was different. she couldn't wait for it to end. she NEEDED it to end. what made today different from any other day, was that it was the day of the olympics and her idol Michael phelps was swimming today. she admired him, not because he was good looking and in shape, but because he was passionate about swimming, and did his best every time, just like jessica. she thought they had a lot in common, and could see herself being like him someday. thats exactly why she needed to get home, and watch him do his best.

when she got home, she turned on her tv. she waited for the swimming part of the games to start, once it did, she put all her attention on him, the swimming got intense, jessica sat there watching drinking her glass of water...

*splash* jessica swam as fast as she could. she could hear the other swimmers close behind, they were on her tail. they were all so close to her, but she needed to be ahead of them all. she needed to be number one. especially since she had everyone in the crowed rooting for her, she couldn't come in second and disappoint them all. jessica swam faster. she kept going till she was numb, she felt as if she had become one with the water. i felt so good to be in the lead, and swim that fast. it was as if though she was floating, she couldn't feel a thing. it was the best feeling in the world. she could feel the water in her stomach. her mouth was open as she chugged gallons and gallons of water as she swam. it all felt so good, until of a sudden she could no longer feel the water in her body.

"AND HE WON!" shouted the announcer, as jessica put down her empty glass of water. as she expected, Michael phelps won, she was the happiest girl alive, even if it wasn't race, she felt as if she was in it and helped him win.
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