Summer: Ocean and Favorite Season

Topics: Ocean, Sky, English-language films Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: October 31, 2012
My Summer
How wonderful is it to stand on pearly sands watching the pure blue sky, so lonely without a cloud or a plane or even a bird fluttering across it and as you admire it, the sun’s ray’s beams down at you. But at the same time you hear the wave’s chants on the ocean. A visit to the beach is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I always, always look forward to summer, it is my favorite season and it’s the perfect time to have serious fun. What I love most about summer is its weather. It‘s always hot, which allows me to do anything! I can wear a dress when it is warm and go out with my friends and eat a delicious vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips around it and a red ruby cherry on top of it. While high up on top of me the sky is clear as cleaned crystal and bubblegum blue. Oh summer I love your weather, its hot sunny days that remind me of good times. Summer is my favorite season and it reminds me of the beach. It reminds me of the many times I would close my eyes and stand still just to hear the crashes of the waves braking over the soft pearly sand of the beach and just as I could hear the oceans waves I would hear children laughing and people talking in happy voices, enjoying a day at the beach. But when I would open my eyes slowly and gently I would look straight ahead and see the ocean stretching to the horizon in various shades of blue and green. But one of the best things of summer is its theme parks. Carnivals come to your town and King’s Dominion and Six Flags are opened! When I see a rollercoaster going by so fast and going through all those loops people start screaming louder than before. Suddenly it’s my turn to ride it and the man asks me if I am ready and I start to get is feeling of millions of butterfly flying in my stomach and nervous yet excited I nod and sit down, eager to get this over with. But now as I watch the sunrise and see a big ball of fire melt into the ocean I instantly start to miss it. See you next year summer, my......
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