Summer Hill

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Concerning the future of our following generation, concerning to the way our children will be educated, the fathers and mothers always hope to recommend their beloved- children to the best, reliable and reputation colleges. They have alternative choices of choosing the traditional school or the modern ones. A school is called: Summerhill is not an exception for parents who interested in the modern ones to address their worry. However, it can not be denied that Summerhill will be the perfect choice in the aspects of: freedom, happy and responsible environment for the children.

Firstly in the field of freedom, children will have the rights as other students, teachers or staff though they are just in the age of 6. In the other words, members of school have the equal rights or democratic participation in all areas. For instance, in the weekly Meeting of this school, everybody can raise their voice to make the laws or renounce it. In addition, pupils also have the rights to attend the class or not without teachers’ permission. However, the parents who want their children go to the traditional ones argue that class would become a messy stuff if pupils could do everything they want such as: go to class late, use the mobile phone, leave the class in silence, irregular attend and it is impossible when a 6 year- old child can have the rights to vote as an adult, they can have the rights of human being but not for voting or making laws in as much as they still too young, they are immature and lack of knowledge, lack of experience. It is reasonable but harmful for the children because they are in the age of growing up, it is completely not good if children have the negative thinking of saying out everything they thought and they will have variety problems of exposing their own individual thinking .Undoubtedly, in the area of liberty, Summerhill is a lucid decision for parents.

Another reason is that children can enjoy a happy surroundings in such school where fear...
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