Summer Camp

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200 NE 18th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3298

February 16th, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in responce to your advertisement. My name is Adeline. I have two children- John and Brian, which are very active, friendly and communicative. They told me that they want to spend summer in a camp where they can learn survival in nature. Next day I found your advertisement in mailbox and I decided to allow them to camp conway.

John is 13 years old. He attend basketball school “Hurricane”. Now he’s in first team and he is doing really well. In free time John goes to play football with his friends. John with brother likes to play computer or video games.

Brian is 11 years old. He attend art circle in Oklahoma, “Kenwood” public school. Brian paints great pictures. I think he has the soul of an artist. Brian allergic to fish. So, he can’t fishing or eats a fish.

I want to know something from you. How long camp? Which months camp will be organised? June? July? August? My kids can travel on July, because in other months we will be very busy. In advertisement you written: “Team leaders supervise children 24 hours a day”. Are team leaders experience enough? What are their qualifications? I need to know all about them because John and Brian are impish children. How many times a day my kids will be feed?

Thank you for your attention. Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Your faithfully,

Adeline Brown

253 w.
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