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Taber 1
Jake Taber
British lit, period 2
15 August 2012
Do Hard Things
Chapter One: We don’t think ‘average teenagers’ exist,” write the twins. Explain what ways you think popular culture misrepresents what the teen years are for? Think of one thing that would change if you and your friends believed—really believed—that low expectations were ripping you off?

Culture these days interpret the teenage years as a time of making mistakes freely and without consequences. Their peers don't hold them accountable for immature behavior like partying, underage sex or just living freely without responsibility. If me and my friends geared  our mindset towards doing hard things we could be much more productive, for example, instead of going to the movies Saturday night we could help out at the local homeless shelter. Chapter Two: Explain how Heidi Bentley blows the normal cultural expectations of teens away.

Heidi Bentley performed tasks above her expected age. She did tedious work that most teenagers would never take part in. She did the work expected of a 24 year old woman at age 17. She is a perfect example of an ordinary person that stepped out to become extraordinary. Chapter Three: Discuss what the sections “What the Bible says about Teens” and Taber 2

“Breaking the Twine” is about.
The bible clearly states that God does not hold two standards: one for young adults and one for adults. He has high expectations for both. Our culture might expect little, God expects great things and calls us to be examples. “Breaking the twine” is an introduction to what the book is about to teach you. It urges you to break free of the low expectations of society and fulfill Gods purpose for our teen years. Chapter Four: Explain what a “kidult” is and how it has crippled teenagers.

A ‘kidult’ is a full grown man or woman who still live with there parents, who dress and talk and party as they did in there teens, hopping from job to job and date to date, having fun but seemingly going nowhere. Teenagers are being taught to avoid growing up and that doesn’t help us launch into adulthood, it leaves us hanging on the edge of a diving board. “Kidults” are an example of the Myth of Adolescence in action. Chapter Five: Summarize this chapter in a paragraph of about 5 or more sentences.

This chapter is about doing hard things that take you from before to after. It’s all about the steps that take you from your comfort zone and put you in the scary territory outside it. If we take a step despite feeling uncomfortable, inadequate, our comfort zones expand. God works through our weaknesses to accomplish his big plans. By staying in your comfort zone you are refusing to surrender your life fully to God. Fear is the fence that keeps is stuck in our comfort zones, we’re waiting to stop feeling afraid before we attempt anything. Chapter Six: Explain the idea of “Mr. Complacency” and give one example from this chapter.

Taber 3
“Mr. Complacency” is somebody who will come up beside you and say, “compared to some people your not that bad,” “Mr. Complacency” will hold you down from doing more then what is expected. “Marry has fallen prey to the curse that low expectations place on talented people. She has gotten stuck doing what comes easily because even things that are easy for her are impressive to others. In her mind, she has already arrived_ yet she has never explored the true extent of her potential” (Harris 99).

Chapter Seven: How does Katrina exemplify the “Power of Collaboration?”
Katrina wanted to know what boys thought about the way girls dressed and what was modest in guy’s eyes. She needed to find a way to ask guys serious questions without getting lame responses It was a tough task to handle on her own. She contacted Alex and Brett and eventually made a survey on the website for guy’s to answer.

Chapter Eight: What are “small hard things” and why are they so hard? Give one example from school to prove your answer.
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