Summer and Winter

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My summer started at, the last day of school. I had no homework. The next day I played outside. I was playing basketball with a hoop and playing with my brother and friends. A month past and a new boy just came to my block .Then we started to be friends he is good at soccer and his brothers. His name is Ezekiel he is 7 years old .It was night time an incident happen I was scared and my dad said not to play outside anymore I was so sad and shock. The next day I beg my parents to go outside and they let me play but 'they told me to stay by the house' and I said “OK” then the hoop was gone I don't know what happened and it never came back .So now my friends, brother and I only played football. But the good thing is that no one got hurt and I learned, I played, My family came over, I went to go to my cousins house, I went shopping , I played with my old friends from P.s.244 , and we ate good food that my mom made. So this is why I think the summer turn out good.

Winter In the winter I did not go anywhere my family and I drank hot cocoa we watch television as a family. I stayed home most of the time because it was really cold. Also during this time of year it snows. My family and I talk, laugh, and played games. It was cool hanging out with my family. The day was very long and very cold I wore a jeans that is black, a red shirt, gloves, hat, and a jacket. My cousin came over and stayed at my place for a few hours. My cousin’s name is Rudy, he is a cool cousin, we had a snowball fight and we had a fun time in the winter. The next day it wasn’t really cold I went to my uncle birthday party. Also we open presents on Christmas day. I had a lot of cool gifts. Even though it was a cold season I still find a way to have fun.

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