Summay on Factory Work by Deborah Boe

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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The poem “Factory Work” by Deborah Boe is about a character who works in a factory assembling shoe parts. The character’s identity is that possibly of a female due to the line in the poem that states “If I hit my boyfriend now, in the supermarket parking lot, he knows I hit him”(Boe, 2009). There is no indication of the characters ethnicity, whether white or black, but the arrangement of the characters wording leads the reader to believe quite possibly that of white female. The character also appears to be from a larger city, one that has both factories and supermarkets. The character involved is that of a lower working class social status, but is pleased with what the job entails. The character has the potential of being educated easily due to the fact that a competition was held and the character won over all the other shankers. The character knows the job so well that there is time during the work day to reflect on life and of the accomplishment's that have been made. While reading this poem, I remembered a time in my life when I too was a factory worker. My job was repetitious but I enjoyed the experience and treasured the knowledge I took away from it. I learned how to be part of a team and that no matter what the job, I was important. The work at the factory was probably the hardest work I had ever done in my life. I was a sander and sometimes a duller. I would sand the cedar inserts and then dull the rough edges. I can sympathize with the main character when the machine caught hold of her shirt and someone had to turn off the machine so no injuries would occur. Parts of my clothing have also gotten caught in the equipment on several occasions and the equipment had to be shut down or I would've been injured. Even though I was only employed for 4 months at the shoe insert company, I learned a great deal about the factory workers and just how important they are to our society. Without factory workers, there would be no shoes on our feet, no clothes on our...
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