Summary: A Rose for Emily

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Faulkner has written a heartfelt story that can’t be taken as anything but serious. He lets us know right off the bat that someone is going to die, and it’s the main character. Then he throws in a murder. So you would most likely find this kind of story on TNT instead of TBS. but throughout the whole story you can always find something going back towards a theme of Decay. She once lived on one of the nicest and cleanest streets in Jefferson; the street is now one of the worst in the town. The street had aged and decayed alongside Emily. As the town grew older and decayed more and more with the passing of time, so did Emily. Her father decayed, his reputation decayed, the house decayed, the town decayed, Homer decayed, and so did Emily’s mind due to the overload that death brought into it.

The difference between a subject's performance and what "he/she really is” is brought up when deconstructing “A Rose for Emily”. The passage “Writing feminist criticism” in our book will help prove that. You can read it in the perspective of a female and not reverting to reading it from the male point of view. The way social status is seen in the eyes of a female is much different than the eyes of a male. While a lot of the town were talking in passage one about Emily because she stop making payments on the house, Emily didn’t see it the same way. As seen in chapter 4 the unconscious relates to the decay and social status of Emily. While her missing payments, staying in the house, being seen with someone lower class than her, and not getting over her father’s death didn’t seem like it was getting too her that badly on the outside, on the inside it was killing her. It was all adding up until the decay became too much. In her unconscious she had all this build up that caused her to snap. The story of an hour relates to this in a way. The decay of the lover brought out the unconscious in each woman from both stories. The wife found out her husband died but yet she became so...
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