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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Summary ‘’Competitive advantage through specialty franchising’’ by John F. Preble and Richard C. Hoffman

Franchising marketing strategy that plays a big role in the domestic and internationals markets. The two trends fueling franchising are: growth in the service sector and the fast pace of today’s society. In the fast pace of today’s society, consumers are increasingly pressed for time, which means that they seek for faster and more efficient ways of getting goods and services, without losing much time for it. Mobile franchising is a kind of franchising that ensures this fast service. That is also one of the reasons why mobile franchising is rapidly growing. Mobile franchising is based around a product/service that can be brought directly and fast to the customers. We can speak positively about mobile franchises when it comes to their competitive advantages. They are well positioned to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants that are being created by trends such as the following demographic trends: An increasing number of women in the labour market; the 76 million baby boomers who are entering their peak-earning years; the maturing economy, the rising incomes and the explosive growth within the service sector of the economy; and finally, the late motherhood becoming a trend. As a consequence of these trends, families lack time and seek for services that are time saving, convenient and services that satisfy both their ego and their security needs. A quick response to customer needs and the ability to anticipate market trends are needed to reach great competitive advantages. Since mobile franchises have these qualities, by using strategies as competitive mobility and focused strategy, they have a quite well understanding of competitive advantage. Compared to stationary franchises, mobile franchises have the ability to provide their products/services on time. Being close to customers is one of the most important tasks to execute for a business. Mobile...
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