Summary Paragraph: Jane Schaffer Format

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Summary Paragraph (Jane Schaffer format)

Topic Sentence

Concrete Detail

Concrete Detail

Concrete Detail

Concluding Sentence

A Jane Schaffer Paragraph is a five (5) sentence paragraph that has a definite structure and transition from one idea to the next. You must follow the guidelines specifically.

Topic Sentence (TS): Use blue ink to color code it.
Something broad enough to fit the two or three concrete details. The first sentence in the paragraph.

Concrete Detail (CD): Use red ink to color code it.
Stuff from the story, the "what", facts, examples, illustrations, evidence, support, plot references, paraphrases, citations, quotations, plot summary, what really happens in the story? This is a quote from a book or a fact. The CD should start with the transition "For example". Include the page number of the CD you are adding at the end of the CD like this, (p.#). In other words, you write your sentence and before the period you put (p.#). peroid at the end of the closed parenthesis.

Commentary (CM1 & CM2): Use green ink to color code it. Use a circle to write in. You must use your own thinking in the Commentary Sentence (CM). This is what you think about the quote or fact. Stuff from your head, the "so what?" words with feelings behind them that you can describe to me. Analysis, interpretation, a character's feelings, George feels ______. How does __ feel on the inside? opinion, inference, insight, reasons, color commentator. Complete the sentence "This shows that..." by answering how the CD supports the TS.

If you use a second Commentary Sentence 2 (CM), it should go on to explain the first commentary sentence further by answering 1 of 4 choices in sentence starters: 1. This also shows that... 2. This is important because... 3. This is because... 4. This shows that......
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