Summary - One Misstake

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Summary about the book – One mistake by Joanna Hines
This is a english youth book that is rather easily read if you ask me.

The story starts with Ben, a young man whose very unfortunate unlike his perfect little sister Emma, who always has been the ”good” child throughout their parents eyes. Now she need his help more than ever before. Everything changes during one night, one single mistake.

Emma. The 22 year old perfect sister who had been the good child and always popular, now soon to be married.

Ben. The older brother that recently has lost his job, girlfriend as well as his driving license. But he is at least trying to change his life.

Max. The towns top ranked scumbag. Owns a nightclub and the only relationship he has is to his two beloved pitbulls. There are rumores that he his into drugs and other criminal buisness.

Emma tells Ben about her problem, that she has had an affair with Max Stanley during one night and later on realised that Max has taken dozens of photos of her. Ben has to get rid of photos to save her relationship with her boyfriend Rupert. But when Ben confronts Max at his own nightclub he finds out that Emma has not told him the whole story, there seems to have been an other girl there too. This certain girl Tanya has recently been found beneth some leefs, flat dead according to the newspaper. Everything starts to get more serious and Emma decides to confront Max herself without taking any procautions, Ben can't let Emma go to see a murder on her own. So he follow her, because this mad man has probably killed the missing Tanya. Later on Ben spots Max and Emma arguing inside Max's house. After the fight Emma says that she need to go to the ladies room, but instead she tries to set a fire on the upper floor. When Emma comes downstaires she says that she has to run because of an appointment and she is already late. Max don't aprove of that, instead he picks up his gun and threathen her. Smoke from the...
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