Summary on My Sisters Keeper

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  • Topic: Seizure, Epilepsy, Chronic kidney disease
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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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This book starts off with the main character Anna Fitzgerald selling a prized possession that her mother gave her. After going home she goes to an attorney’s office, Campbell Alexander is the attorney Anna picks to hire to sue her parent for the right to her own body. She explains that the only reason she was born was to be Kate’s donor. Kate, her sister, is in the end stages of kidney failure, and Anna wants to file the lawsuit so she won’t have to donate a kidney to Kate. Campbell, who has a service dog but always gives a sarcastic explanation whenever someone asks why, agrees to represent Anna for free. When Anna’s mother Sara receives the papers for the lawsuit, she becomes furious with Anna. Sara can’t understand why Anna would want to do this to her sister, as she hasn’t had any problem with donating to her sister before. Anna’s father however can understand both side of this lawsuit recognizes that she would not have brought a lawsuit unless she was genuinely unhappy. When they realize that they will need a lawyer, Anna’s mother who is a lawyer, decides to be the lawyer representing the opposing side, not thinking the case will go far and thinks she will be able to get Anna to drop the case. The judge that will be dealing with Anna’s case is Judge Desalvo. She appoints a guardian ad litem for Anna, Julia Romano; her job is to objectively decide the best interests of the minor child. Throughout all of these events, Jesse has been setting different abandoned buildings on fire. Jesse acts like a delinquent in other ways as well, such as drinking alcohol, but much of this behaviour is coming from his feelings of being ignored by his parents. Then Brian, their father, finds out that Jesse was the one who has been setting all the recent fires that he and his men have been putting out. When Brian faces up to Jesse and asks him about it, Jesse admits that he feels immense guilt due to the fact he wasn't a donor match for Kate. Kate becomes seriously...
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