Summary on Maslows Theory

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Abraham Maslow Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: October 28, 2010
In the article Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs a known psychologist, Abraham Maslow quickly jumps to the point, by stating his theory the “Hierarchy of needs”. His theory relies on two ideas, “people have a number of needs that require some measure of satisfaction and only unsatisfied needs motivate behavior. This means that some people have to satisfy there needs to a certain amount but if they don’t satisfy their needs it will alter their behavior. Second part of his theory is that we all have a hierarchy of needs starting from lowest to highest .When we fulfill our lower needs it tends to emerge higher needs.

*Starting at the bottom is our physiological needs, for example: “food, clothing, shelter” all the things that are instinctive to survive. But in most work environments the normally most important thing to us is not so important because they are normally satisfied

* The next level of the triangle is safety and security. Most people would like to know that they’d never lose their jobs or that they could not provide for their family. These are all
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worries that the average human has every day. Maslow shows an example of the recession in the early 1980’s. With the massive layoffs of workers which put them in a state of neglect where no one could know when they would work again.

*Maslow’s third level of his theory is that people tend to fulfill needs in an order of physical survival, “social or belongingness needs. This is because when workers are with their employees they seem to feel like they have a second family. This isn’t odd since many workers spend more time with employees then their own family every day *Esteem Needs to people are very important. Since everyone needs to relate to one’s self and the recognition you receive from others. These can be satisfied in many ways. Some people set their sights on higher things such as being employee of the month or just volunteering around the hometown. It depends on the person and...
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