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Topics: Organization, Psychometrics, Defence mechanism Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: August 7, 2012

This article reports on a study about how the unconscious behaviour of an individual can affect his resistance to organisational change. This study aimed to identify measure and analyse the unconscious motivations associated with an individual’s level of resistance to change. It is observed that when there is a task of change, the energy of an individual is directed and diverted elsewhere and away from the change because of unconscious forces and this is also considered to be the main cause of inefficiency in an organisation. The research developed a hypothesis testing to check the intensity between the relationship of adaptive and maladaptive defence mechanism and behavioural intention to resist change. This research was implemented in nine organisations which included federal govt. corporation agencies, state govt. departments and agencies, local govt. and large private sector organisations, etc., predominantly in Brisbane (state capital of Queensland, Australia). Self administered questionnaire was chosen as the data collection method for this particular research. The main reasons for choosing this method were efficiency in data collection for measuring specific variables of interest and the other, anonymity of those who wanted to disclose personal information about their resistance to change. A scale was also developed to measure the level of behavioural intentions towards change. “1” being the least and “7” being the most resistance on the interval scale. The defence mechanism scale was assessed for factorial validity by using factor analysis to analyze and confirm underlying interrelationships among factor variables. All the defence mechanism under maladaptive and adaptive, were taken into consideration and it was found that the higher the level of maladaptive defence mechanisms, the higher the level of resistance to change and the higher the level of adaptive defence mechanism, the lower the resistance to change. Those who use...
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