Summary Ofn Racist Speech

A Summary of the Essay of Charles R. Lawrence III entitled “On Racist Speech”

At the introduction of his essay, he expressly stated that he has spent the better part of his life as dissenter. To be a dissenter speaks outright the way he behaves in society because of his adherence to the liberties provided in the First Amendment. In avoiding discussions particularly the Freedom of Speech would just give the impression of tolerance specially the protection from government regulations concerning bad speech but could be achieve by practice of all concerned individuals. His apprehension about the resurgence of racial violence and the incidence of verbal assault and harassment especially of the minority groups are subject that cannot be escaped at some point or another. There should be a civil approach and proper use of language appropriate for the particular instance. The troubles suffered by the minority victims are often complained of only to the extent that they can express their hard feelings to those willing to listen to them. They are not brought to the proper forum or if brought to the attention of the proper authority are not given the satisfactory judgment and simply settled amicably. The case of “Brown v. Board of Education” is a case of racist speech of which Mr. Brown argues for the principle of equal citizenship. He opines that signs and symbols convey segregation thus inflicting inferiority of black students. This is an example of hate that caused the students torment and deprivation of full education. If there is a need to understand the elimination of signs and symbols, then it is of paramount importance that we need to understand racist speech is a must to be shielded. Policies and procedures are promulgated by the University officials to respond to the incidence of racial harassment. However, for lack of teeth in its application, the results ends on sanctions only to the parties concerned. If the situation gets off-hand to the fighting words of...
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