Summary of E-Record Management of Jesus Is Lord Church in District Vi of Manila

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A Master Thesis of Marilou F. Novida

Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Graduate School

Master of Science in Information Technology

Prof. Flordelis Garcia
Research 1

Chapter 1
In all aspect of life, specifically in the business world and in other organizations, data are precious elements. There are many ways to handle and manipulate data. These data should be stored in a database, which serves as the repository or container. There are many reasons why we need to keep them in database systems, one of which is to avoid inconsistency, minimized redundancy, maintain the integrity of the data, determine the transaction support provided, to enforce security of the database and to share the data within the organization. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Record management is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying records. The record management practices will determine the growth of an organization and with the advent of information technology today, computerized record management is being utilized. The researcher used the Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL) as the subject of this study. There are JIL churches in all district and municipalities in the Philippines and these churches are having a hard time looking for ways to create and maintain a system that will facilitate its record management. In most cases the church records were filed up in file magazines after processing it using productivity software. The worst cases are the redundancy and inconsistencies of data generated and sometimes the loss of the records due to factors like storage media, misplaced/lost log book/record book and documents. This study, “e-Record Management of Jesus Is Lord Church in District VI of Manila”, aimed to propose an electronic record management that will generate and manage complete and accurate church records such as monitoring of services and attendance of members. The e-Record Management of Jesus Is Lord Church in District VI of Manila consists of a website and a database created in MySQL and PHP. It took five to six months to develop the database and website. The prototype e-Record Management was first and tested by the Area Pastor. After a week it was tested by the Assistant Pastors and there were suggestions which were considered and added to the developed e-Record Management. It was then tested in different chapters for two weeks by the pastors, cell leaders and ministry heads. THEORETICAL / CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK

The paradigm followed the input-process-output model of system approach.

Perceptions of the respondents on the e-Record Management

Website for JIL District VI of Manila and a database
Administration and retrieval of questionnaires regarding e-Record Management of Jesus Is Lord Church in District IV of Manila e-Record Management testing
Statistical treatment of data
Analysis and interpretation of data

Respondents’ evaluation of the e-Record Management which are stated in questionnaires Respondents of the study:
* Pastors
* Ministry Heads
* Cell Leaders


Figure 1. Research Paradigm of the Study
The study aimed to resolve the church management of records and determine the requirements needed to design and develop an electronic record management for Jesus Is Lord Church District VI of Manila and sought to answer the following questions: 1. How do the respondents perceive the evaluation of the e-Record Management in terms of accuracy, efficiency, reliability, security and ease of use? 2. Is there any significant difference among the perception s of the different group of respondents as to the evaluation of e-Record Management? HYPOTHESIS

The hypothesis is that there is no significant difference between the perceptions of the respondents as to the evaluation of e-Record Management...
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