Summary of a Presentation on Machiavelli

Topics: Florence, Renaissance, Italy Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 15, 2008
I will begin talking about what I propose to discuss in my dissertation. Firstly the title includes two main components; who influenced Machiavelli and the second part includes who he himself influenced through his writings and actions of war and violence. I have done numerous accounts of research, most importantly by reading the art of war written by Machiavelli. This book consists of answering the first question of who influenced him. Throughout the book, there are many examples which show who he was influenced by, particularly the Ancient Romans, like Caesar and Alexander the Great, with which I will discuss numerous examples of what they themselves did in the past and which Machiavelli talks about which shows how it influences Machiavelli, particularly throughout his time in Florence. Machiavelli was not only influenced by leaders, he was also influenced by ancient authors such as Thucydides, Josephus and Livy. I will discuss particular examples throughout the art of war which show he was influenced by these men. I feel it is very important to discuss who influenced such a person, especially during the time period of the Renaissance, which is why I am researching this particular topic. Machiavelli was influenced by these authors and leaders and developed from them when introducing his own type of leadership in Florence. It is always important to know where a person got his or her ideas from, which Machiavelli incorporates into his own system in Florence, by developing his own ideas as a leader. I will go through numerous examples of these ancient authors and leaders, which I have mentioned at the start and discuss each of them in relation to who exactly influenced Niccolo Machiavelli. In relation to the second part of this thesis on Machiavelli, I will discuss who he influenced, such as authors, like Pocock, Skinner, Baron, Lynch, along with more like Guicciardini (whom describes all about Machiavelli’s civic malicia and what he did in Florence which is the...
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