Summary of Wedding Dance

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The Wedding Dance by Amador T. Daguio is about Awiyao and Lumnay, a long married couple from the Mountain tribes. Awiyao is going to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. 

Awiyao went back home to see Lumnay because he didn't find her among the dancers at his wedding. He wanted Lumnay to dance at his wedding for the last time but she cannot. On their moment, there are many flashbacks about how Lumnay did her best to have a child, through offering to the god, Kabunyan; and how Awiyao and Lumnay's love was as strong as the river; but "it is just that a man must have a child", and he had to leave her. He promised her that if he fails to have a child, he will come back to her. 

She wanted to protest against the written rule that a man can marry another woman, so Lumnay went to the wedding dance. But while seeing her husband married to another woman, she could not take it anymore and just went to the mountain to clear away the beans she had thought about. 

And so Lumnay, waiting for Awiyao a long time, thought of Awiyao's promise as she cleared away the growing bean plants.

This is my reaction paper about a short story made by Amador T. Daguio. It is entitled The Wedding Dance. We were asked by oue teacher to give a theme for the short story and make our stand about it. Hope you like it!

Wedding Dance
By: Amador T. Daguio
The exposition started the story to be tragic. It presented the situation of lovers who where they must let go of extreme emotions to give way for the man to marry another woman. Awiyao couldn’t bare the sadness seen in Lumnay’s face anymore. They had to ignore the call of their hearts and free each other—- just for a shallow view of an unwritten law. Sadly it seems to hear such stories. Yet their love for each other will rwmain forever even though they are blocked by great barriers. The view presented are the roots of the theme proposed for this short story: BARRIERS CAN”T HINDER TRUE LOVE. The barriers referred to are the society and culture of the place where Awiyao and Lumnay dwells. There has been a great internal and external conflict between Awiyao, himself and the society—-Awiyao loves Lumnay, yet he needs to redeem himself by remarrying to finally have a child, for the society to accept him and recognize him, and for it says so based from their culture. Its indeed a complicated thing. Since Awiyao can’t do anything, he just followed the right thing to do that any man in his situations would do. However, it didn’t stop there. Their great love for each other can just pass through these barriers. On reading the part of the night of Awiyao’s wedding dance, an emotion of pity was felt by me. His separation with Lumnay is unfair in a way that as if the two lovers were innocent people who were punished by crimes they have not committed. Why would they end up as a couple if they were destined to be infertile for them to separate? These situations just break my heart. Even though their bodies are forever far apart, I strongly believe that their hearts are eternally intertwined. Why? Simply because it has been clearly stated that although Awiyao will marry Madulimay to have a child, the only woman he’ll ever live is Lumnay—- that even with all the barriers stopping their love for each other, thier hearts can’t be stopped from loving one another for life. We can say that these situations still happen in the present times. Even with great innovations and advancements, if Awiyao and Lumnay will live in today’s era, they can still experience the same situation, but perhaps presented in another way. There are a lot of “BARRIERS” that make different versions of Awiyao and Lumnay’s tragic love story through time. But I believe these barriers can’t hinder great love that continually grows and is felt for life even with barricades blocking it, like that of Awiyao and Lumnay. They may be separated eternally: his body would not anymore be...
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