Summary of the Tyler Rational

Topics: Psychology, Education, Behavior Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The Tyler Rationale: this is a model of curriculum and instruction development. This model is eclectic; it draws from the social aspect of Dewey: incorporating the society, subject matter and the learner to create learning experiences. It also has behavioral aspects drawn from Thorndike and others expressed through the emphasis on changing student behavior; judging behavior helps to monitor internal growth or aspects of the mind not overtly seen. This model addresses four (4) basic questions.

1.What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? Three sources should be used for identifying objectives:
The learner – these are identified through interviews, observations and tests. •The society – community life should be classified into categories vocation, recreation, religion etc… and develop objectives for each •The subject matter – the subject to be taught must be examined to identify more objectives which encompass the content and skills which must be taught. The objectives are then screened (through the use of philosophies and psychologies of learning) and the most important ones. All objectives should be stated clearly (simple terms) and concisely. 2.What educational experiences can be provided to attain these purposes? After the selection of objectives learning experiences should be selected; which actively promote the acquisition of these objectives. Tyler defines a learning experience as “interaction between the learner and the external conditions in the environment with which he can interact” Deweyean influence). Major effectors of the learning experience

The interaction between the person and the environment
Behavioral psychology (evident in the way objectives are stated) Criteria for developing learning experiences
They should allow the student to practice the behavior implied by the objective. •Students should obtain satisfaction from the learning experience. •The experience should be appropriate to the student’s...
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