Summary of the Storm by Kate Chopin

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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The story The Storm by Kate Chopin is about Calixta, a woman who marries to Bobinot. Together they have a son named bibi. When bibi and his father went out to the market to buy foods. They got stucked in the store because of the storm. Meanwhile, Calixta was having sex at home with her old lover Alcee. With the setting, character and point of view in the story, Kate chopin show us that woman got treated unfair compare to men by the society at that time. Since Bibi and his father had to walk to the store to get foods, the setting of the story must be somewhere in the old day. The setting is more likely in mid 1800’ because it’s the same era that the author lived in. During those times, people had to walk to a far store from their home to get foods. So that every time they go, they must bring back a lot of food to save times. That could be the reason why the father and son decided to remain in the store, because they had so many foods to carry. Furthermore, the character Alcee was riding a horse in the story, and horses were the most popular transportation back in the old day. In the story, all the characters are flat type because they tend to stay the same throughout the story. Bibi who remained as a happy and innocent child, and bibinot still loved and cared for his wife because he bought his wife her favorite snack at the end. Despite cheating on her husband, Calixta was still happy and loved Bibi and Bibinot as she saw them getting home. The only motivation for her to behave the way she did because Alcee was her old lover. Together they remained in the house during the storm, and it was very hard for her to resis the temptation of having sex with him. After cheating on her husband, Calixta didn’t feel guilty at all. The point of view of the story let us know that the narrator in the story is a nonparticipant narrator. By writing the story in the third person, Kate Chopin let us know what was on Calista’s mind, and she acted like nothing was happening. After...
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