Summary of the Skoda Case Study

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Summary of the Skoda Case Study

The purpose of this summary is learns about what is SWOT analysis, how to use it to analysis a company and the way to guide goals and business behavior. Next, the object is understands how a particular company-in this case is Skoda Company-used a SWOT analysis to analysis itself.

Skoda Company was established in 1925 and then had become a strong competitive power company in car market. However, it only have a 1.7% share-a very few part-in car market in recent years. Skoda UK management wanted to define its brand positioning, that means they need a brand which owned by themselves. This was a solution to reply too much competition in market now.

The case study used a SWOT analysis tool (including SMART and SLEPT) to analysis situation of Skoda Company which from four different aspects: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The first step was strengths. Skoda wanted to know how customer feels to them so collects feedback from buyer. Use this way Skoda wined its own satisfied customers. Secondly, find weaknesses. In the past Skoda was produced bicycle and then turned to car producing, so some people consider that quality was not so ideal, so neutral public perspective is their weakness. The third was about opportunities. Skoda have their own satisfied customers, this is their opportunity. The final one was threats. In prefect competition market Skoda lost its market shares. They need to produce better products to keep their customers, and they also need a strong industry chain and an accurate market segment.

The outcome of thought using a SWOT analysis was that Skoda was struggling to change it original image, and they already achieve some. The challenge was increasing marketing shares, so they needed to search a new strategy to improve their brand.
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