Summary of the Prince and the Pauper

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Summary of the whole story

The Prince and the Pauper
Tom Canty and Edward Tudor is born on the the same day. Tom belongs to a family of beggars and thieves. His father, John Canty, is a thief while his mother and grandmother are beggars. Bet and Nan, his twin sisters, are beggars, too. They live in very filthy Offal Court. His family is very poor, which made him unwanted. Tom sleeps in a dirty floor in the corner of the room while the others can sleep anywhere they desire. His grandmother is very loving to him, as well as her mother and sisters except his father. On the other hand, Edward belongs to a very wealthy family of the Royal Kingdom. Like Tom, Edward has two sisters. His mother died when he is young. Edward is destined to the King of England. So, unlike Tom, his family and the whole kingdom loves him. Father Andrew teaches Tom from his books—about the fairies, giants, and prince. Tom dreams of becoming a prince someday. He walks down the alley and sees some palace guards. He walks again and ends up to a very tall gate. From there, he sees the views inside the palace and noticed the boy wearing elegant garments, it is the prince. The guards seize him and Edward orders them to let him go. He gives Tom some foods and Tom tells him the story of his life. The prince becomes interested to his life and since Tom wants to wear some elegant garments, they switch their clothes and notice no change at all. From that moment, the people around them treat them like real in their changed identities. The people from the streets, alleys, and the guards from the palace laugh at Edward. He wanders the streets of London by himself, no servants and no friends. John found and took him back to the Offal Court. Tom’s family thinks he’s gone crazy so they let him rest and sleep. John heard a knock on the door and wakes up. He said that they’re in danger because he killed the priest. John said they’ll meet at the London Bridge. Edward realizes that he is now free from Tom’s...
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