Summary of the Natural Beauty Myth

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  • Published : July 21, 2012
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It is prevalent for American women that the real beauty is natural beauty, the beauty without makeup, but Garance Franke-Ruta tries to correct this misconception of natural beauty widely spread out for American women. She urges that American women need to re-define a notion of natural beauty as a reward of an individual`s effort. As the influence of media has been getting powerful, beauty has been become a significant factor in causing the competition in beauty industry. Beauty industry gradually has established higher standard of beauty by exposing skinny models and celebrities. It is believed to be a strategy of beauty industry deliberately provided for their product selling. Women, being overwhelmed by the female body images shown in media, suffer from low self-esteem compared their obesity to Golden Mean proportions. Therefore, women feel sick of self-improvement in there fattening life style and need to choose to possess or left aside of natural beauty in unnatural environment. Franke-Ruta places blame on American culture, saying the French understand that beauty has to be worked on to achieve a desired look , stating “Only in America do we think that (natural) beauty is a purely natural attribute rather than a type of artistry requiring effort” (Par. 8). Celebrities, heroes for American women, even spend lots of money and time to maintain their beauty and health. It is too obvious that beauty cannot be judged by appearance. It is also true that the more conscious will be needed to keep their beauty regardless of nationality.
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