Summary of the Fall of the House of Usher

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The fall of the house of Usher
I thought the fall of the house of usher was a good book because mostly because of the setting it took place in an old decrepit house and is described as having an evil and mysterious. There was also a sickness no one knew anything about really the two twins that aren’t right in the head. It was also interesting how towards the end as the narrator was reading Roderick the story and the sister was breaking out of the tomb the sounds where going along with the story. A issue I had with it was how did the sister manage to break out of the tomb when she was sickly and it was a pretty well built door. I also don’t really get why he killed them off both at the same time he could of just kept the sister dead and had him die of his paranoia or have him just slowly die after her they didn’t both need to die at the same time. I also enjoyed the ending when right when he stepped out of the house it fell apart showing that the house is gone with the Ushers bloodline. Summary

It begins with an unnamed narrator arriving at the house of his childhood friend Roderick Usher. He is there because he got a letter from him complaining about a illness and asking him to come and help out. And it also turns out that Madeline (Roderick’s sister) is also sickly and goes into weird death like trances. The narrator is shocked at how well Roderick can paint. A way the narrator would try to cheer Roderick up is by reading with him. After Roderick sings him a song called the haunted palace and confesses to the narrator that he thinks the house he lives in is alive. Later Roderick tells him that his sister is dead and demands she be entombed in the family tomb for two weeks before being permanently buried. Roderick and the narrator put her body in the tomb where he notes that she has rosy cheeks. Over the next few weeks both of them start getting increasingly mad for no real reason. During a storm Roderick goes to the narrator’s bedroom which is...