Summary of the Article Iii of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Section 5

3. Each legislative district shall comprise, as far as practicable, contiguous, compact, and adjacent territory. Each city with a population of at least two hundred fifty thousand, or each province, shall have at least one representative.

4. Within three years following the return of every census, the Congress shall make a reappointment of legislative districts based on the standards provided in this section.

It’s all about the apportionment or distribution of elected representatives throughout the Philippines in each provinces and cities. In our constitution we have standard conditions to be followed in the apportionment. First, it shall be made in accordance with number of inhabitants. Meaning the distribution of elected representative is based on the number of legislative districts. Each legislative district shall have a population of at least 250,000. For example, in a province having a population of 500,000 divided by 250,000 so we have two legislative districts. Also legislative district shall have one representative. In this case, this province has 2 representatives

Second, it shall be made on the basis of uniform and progressive ratio. Uniform meaning in every legislative district all over the Philippines must have a 250,000 number of inhabitants and each of legislative districts shall have 1 representative. Progressive meaning in each legislative district increases its population but not be too big as to be unwieldy, say from 250,000 to 300,000 inhabitants for each legislative district.

Third, each legislative district shall comprise as far as practicable, contiguous, compact and adjacent territory. It is important that a legislative district can fight their territory and rights, to ensure the security and safety of the people, all of the member must cooperate and follow the rules and regulations and the officials must know the needs of people and manage their people to become a progressive community.

And last, every...
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