Summary of Story of an Hour

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Audience Analaysis
I am writing this paper to be reviewed by my fellow peers and my English 111 Instructor. The paper would not be very interesting if read by anyone that has not read “The Story of an Hour.’ The audience that I am targeting is for those that would like to know the purpose of the short story, “ The Story of an Hour”, written by Kate Chopin. I believe the story to not be intended for s specific age or gender, but I would have to say that women would be more prone to understanding and sympathizing with the story. I expect the reader to understand the story deals with the pro’s and cons of marriage. I was able to understand the story due to my experiences in marriage, the up and downs that go along with it. I can relate to the feeling of relief when something that is not making you happy suddenly disappears, how extremely happy you can be, but when the good news turns in to being devastating news, how it can turn your world upside down, that it could cause you to have health problems.

The Story of an Hour
Author Kate Chopin, grabs her audience’s attention in this short story by introducing the main character, Mrs. Mallard; a woman with “heart trouble.” (Chopin 527) who must be gently told the news of her husband’s untimely death in a railroad accident. The opening marks a sad scene with Josephine, her sister breaking the difficulty news to her in “broken sentences.” (Chopin 527) Mrs. Mallard’s reaction, “wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment in her sisters arms” (Chopin 527) may be unlike most wives reaction to horrifying, unexpected news. Seemingly grief stricken, Mrs. Mallard retreats to her room in solitude. She drops her heavy body into a comfortable chair contemplating her feelings of the past, present, and future. Mrs. Mallard struggles with mostly internal conflicts with regards to her true feelings of the recent death of Brently her husband. One example, being when she repeatedly whispers from her...
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