Summary of Special Education Laws and Court Cases

Topics: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, High school, Special education Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Brown vs. Board of Education1954Inclusion 14th amendment
PARC vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania1972FAPE, no cost, no deny mental retard. Stuart vs. Nappi1978Student stay in school despite bad behavior Armstrong vs. Kline1979Extended school year services

Hendrick Hudson School vs. Rowley

contested IDEA and lost.
Board of Education v. Rowley1982Individual plan & supportive services. A program of a special child is compared to the program of a none disabled for appropriateness. Abrahamson vs. Hershman1983If residential placement is required, school must provide it via district funds Dept of Ed. vs. Katherine D1984Home bound is not LRE [Least Restrictive Environment], receive medical services Irving Indep. School District vs. Tatro1984Physical and health impairments may not prevent from public school, no physician Smith vs. Robinson1984School must pay for necessary residential placements Cleburne vs. Cleburne Living Center1985Cannot zone group homes out of neighborhoods Burlington School Committee vs. DOE1985District pay for private placement. Reimburse expenditure on a private school Timothy W. vs. Rochester School1988

1989Zero rejection, FAPE
Honig vs. Doe1988Can’t exclude child for misbehavior but can be removed temporarily for emergency act. Danny R. R. vs. State Board of Ed.1989LRE, FAPE means student has right, to inclusion to the maximum extent possible Zobrest vs Catalina School District1993District pay services needed even when he attends a parochial school without violating separation of church and state Florence County School District vs. Carter1993If schools has no appropriate services but a private school does, district may have to pay, even if they did not approve the placement and parents acted unilaterally Board of Education in Sacramento, CA vs. Holland1994LRE - Four factors, including the needs of all children in the school, that must be considered for FAPE

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