Summary of Sociology

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Dale wilson
Mrs. Harris
Soc. 101

Chapter 3 summary of sociology

Cutures are made up of different people, differnt backgrownds, Traditions, race and aspects of life. Culture shock can happen to an induvidual or group of people such as a tourisist or foreigner who have a problem adjusting to a new culture. Symbols play a huge part in all cultures around the world. From everything to language, hand gestures and communicating. Different societies could possibly have the same symbols but mean totally different things by them. Adaptation is something human beings have done since the beginning of time to fit the environment best that we live in. Clearly diffusion plays a big part in cultures societies all over when we come in contact with one another expample: KFC in japan and chinese food in america. Diffusion at it's best. Cultural lag is something that some societies suffer, from where one culture is moving faster than another in a technological sence. Scientist believe that animals do not share culture amongst themselves, but some scientisist do, when a test in the 1950's had shown that apes are capable of mastering small aspect of human language without talking. There are three types of norms cultures usally go by. Norms, Ideal norms and real norms. A norm in america would be eating beef and in hinduism there norm would be to worship cows an ideal norm in in china would be that math is something that everyone should be good at. Real norms would mean...There are ten comandments but the way times are in the world the average person has broken at least one anyway. I feel i can relate to cultural shock alot because when i first moved outhere from L.A in 1995 i was a kid and i hated it. No noise at night did'nt know anyone yet had to make friends all over again and start at a new school. Took me some time but after a while i finally got used to it and it took me a while to stop missing where i came form.
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