Summary of Skyjack by Tom Vicary

Topics: Aircraft hijacking, Prime minister, Cabinet Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: January 2, 2013
“Skyjack” by Tim Vicary

“This is going to be very difficult, isn’t it Michael?” “I’m afraid so Prime Minister. Very difficult indeed”

Taking hard decisions are always difficult but the Prime Minister Helen Sandberg has to give the decision of her life, personally and politically.

Skyjack was composed by Tim Vicary who is an experienced teacher and writer.

The story is about a plane getting hijacked by a group of hijackers calling themselves as members of People’s Liberation Army. There are one hundred and eight passengers on the plane who are afraid of what might happen to them as one of the passengers was already killed by the hijackers. Carl and Harald were two of the passengers who tried to stop one of the hijackers but could not suceed unfortunately.

On the other hand Prime Minister Helen Sandberg had to handle the situation in a very careful way because of the conflict between police and military service about the rescue plan and the great pressure from American and British Ambassadors. Besides all these, , the name she saw checking the passengers’ list made the situation more complex. The Prime Minister knew the name of the passenger very well.

When I read this book , I got really excited and curious. You are dragged into the adventure by an increasing enthusiasm and curiosity as the nodal point of the story emerged at the last pages of the book. And when it ends you feel really relieved.

I adored Helen Sandberg’s character as she is a determined, reasonable and also a conscientious person. She had to make important decisions; the release of two fellows of the hijackers who were in prison and preparation of a correct plan for the rescue of the hostages. On one hand she had responsibilities as a Prime Minister on the other hand she had feelings for the person she knew .

The book is a a really good adventure book. You begin the story and read staying out of breath untill the end. But the story’s difference from other...
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