Summary of Should a Woman Work Outside The Home?

Topics: Qur'an, Religion, Writing Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: November 27, 2012

An essay titled “ Should A Woman Work Outside The Home? “, written by Mohammed Akade Osman, states that there are so much serious social problems which emerge in socieies where woman work outside their homes. Devorce rate, crime rate and immoral acts increase as well as social injustice is formed. Woman should take appropriate job for their good itself. I agree with Mr.Osman’s statements, because as time grows, i often find or hear each problem occurs everywhere in my experience, especially for household and immoral problems. Mr. Osman thinks that the opinion which states that a woman working outside their homes has the same right wth men, social independence, and financial freedom, is absolutely the way of petty minded, “ it certainly does not take into consideration the serious social problems ”. The Koran and The Bible ̶̶ religious view ̶̶ also states “ that the women would should stay at home and do the homework ”. I agree with The author’s statement, as i have ever seen some facts from TV or newspaper to justify the author’s statement, one of them, that is a women who has social independence will usually have no limit of her assertion, especially with men. Consequently, there will be deviations or negatif impact, such as, murder, raping, etc. Mr. Osman stresses perhaps society will be destroyed by the problems where the woman go to work, as it change the normal situation should be. For example, men’s job has been taken by women, women cannot keep their household well as they are busy with their jobs and so do their husband. I agree with the writer, I have ever heard, my brother found easily a job in the past, but when the period had changed, where job vacancy was hard to find, he told me that he saw there are more woman than men in his workplace because the company where he worked had prioritized woman than men. Furthermore, i have ever had a friend, he looked so depressed every he saw his friend with their parents,...
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