Summary of Se Hable Espanol

Topics: Hispanic and Latino Americans, Spanish language, United States Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Summary of Se Hable Espanol
Elizabeth Thomas
Professor Chris Swindell
ENG 115 Jan.17, 2013

“Se Habla Espanol” is the short bibliography by Tanya Barrientos. In my opinion she is struggling with herself due to the fact she is a Latina but does not use the language. Now days a lot of Hispanics are all the same by using English and Spanish together Mrs. Barrientos is a Guatemalan by birth. (Barrientos,pg57) She is trying to learn her native language to be able to speak with her parents in the own language. (Barientos) Barientos came to the United States at the age og three, 1963, with her family and stopped speaking Spanish immediately. (T. Barientos,pg57) In her statement she states “People who called themselves Mexican-American or Afro-American were considered to be dangerous radicals, while law-biding citizens were expected to drop their cultural baggage at the border and erase any lingering ethnic traits.(T.Barrientos, pg58) “To me, speaking Spanish translated into being poor.” It meant waiting tables and cleaning hotel rooms. It meant being left off the cheerleading squad and receiving a condescending smile from the guidance counselor when you said you planned to become a lawyer or a doctor.”(T. Barriento, pg58) When she was sixteen, she told her father how much she hated being called Mexican-not only because she wasn’t, but also because the word was hurled as an insult. He father took them to Mexico City to see how beautiful it was. When she came back she realized what she had been missing out on. So by the time she graduated from college she was a Hispanic hybrid-an English-only Latina who could comprehend Spanish speaking words. So she took it upon herself that when she speaks to her parents she speaks only Spanish and answer in Spanish. Even by taking classes and reading books and being around the Spanish conversations she still felt that she was not a Latina. Even though her Anglo friends still considered her to be bilingual. Spanish has become a...
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