Summary of Sandy Hook Shooting

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Summary of Sandy Hook Shooting
In the article “Sandy Hook Shooting: The Speculation About Adam Lanza Must Stop” Judith Warner suggests that we should gun control and discussion a good way to avoid such shooting things happened again. Warner says that, there are many things we think we know about Adam Lanza, and there are many information about his mental health we got from his friends. Many people think we should care about kid’s mental health which is more important than gun control. However, there are many questions about Adam Lanza that we cannot answers too. Also, there are many things we don’t know about Adam Lanza mental health and we don’t have facts to prove what the problems in this tragedy. On the other hand, Warner tells us there are two facts in this tragedy. The first fact is Adam Lanza has lived in a home has a lot of firearms. The second fact is if he doesn’t have gun he will not easy to kill so many people in such a short time. In my opinion, the most important thing is not only care about kids mental health can avoid this tragedy happened. The most important thing is we should gun control. When this tragedy happened many people think we should care more kid’s mental health but not gun control. In this tragedy because Adam Lanza lived in a home has a lot of firearms so, he can get a gun to take twenty-six lives in a short minutes easily. I agreed that, gun control is better than focus more on kid’s mental health. When I turn on television, I always hear about students take gun to school and kill people who he wants to kill. If our county doesn’t sale guns for people, it will not easy for people to have guns to kill other people. Guns make this country unsafe and many people died by guns. Therefore, gun control is the good way to avoid this tragedy happened again .
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