Summary of Rothenberg

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1798 words) Published: June 25, 2011
RUNNING HEAD: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States

Summary of Rothenberg’s

Race, Class, and Gender in the United States

Jana Lucas

Liberty University

RUNNING HEAD: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
The theme in Rothenberg's book Race, Class, and Gender in the United States is an integrated study that focuses on the formation and definition of differences throughout US history in the areas of discrimination because of race, class and gender. Rothenberg paints a written visual to her readers on how society in the US perceives and construct differences about race, class, and gender, past and present. The reader of Rothenberg’s book is able to construct their own definition and meaning of racism, classism and sexism from the information presented. Rothenberg offers opinionated suggestions and personal insight to the reader for getting past the issues of the past, coping with the present and what can be done in the future.

RUNNING HEAD: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
Rothenberg’s book outlines social issues that we are faced with as a society every day. This summary describes the writer’s personal understanding of the social discriminations that are still in existence within our society. The writings of Rothenberg describe clearly how race, class, and culture all assist in determining our past (from a personal perspective) as well as our future. Rothenberg begins the book with explanations from the days of the European explorers and their first encounters with people who were distinctively different in physical appearance than themselves. Immediately a division was created that separated the populations in distinct categories’ The White man deemed himself supreme and privileged, and those of different skin color were labeled laborers, racism had begun, a precedence was set. The European settlers developed a lineage of societal positions by assigning labor to the slaves and natives; this created the first of many divisions of societal preconceived notions and acceptable standards of thought. Rothenberg investigated and recreated the time and process of how the Jewish population was grafted into the White majority while including the other immigrates post World War II as well. The reader of Rothenberg’s book comes to a conclusion through her writings that US membership in a racial group is defined by the continent in which one's ancestors, prior to the era of European colonialism, were born (whites from Europe, blacks from Africa, etc.). Rothenberg’s book enlightened this reader in the issue of racial formation. Rothenberg used this as a means to describe a way to look at race as a socially constructed identity, where the content and importance of racial categories is determined by social, economic, and political forces. In the book written by Rothenberg there are the use of over 120 different legal precedents and stories to drive her point home to her readers. Rothenberg’s book reinforces her theories,

RUNNING HEAD: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
suggestions and opinions with actual accounts of legal proceedings that led to change in America due to the pursuit for justice in topics of race, abortion, discrimination and immigration. The recreation of the different court proceedings that are brought to light consist of true stories of events that altered the course of this country’s history in the areas of racism, class and gender issues, from gay rights to women’s rights and immigration, to media magic. These court and public documented actions are from the past and present, recreating stories and events that led to the conflict to potential solutions and momentary resolution for the time frame and case. The judgments rendered in each and every case discussed altered the perception of the American population and each case paved the way for change in American history....
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