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Topics: Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 14, 2013

Competitive advantage
oReebok sponsors a larger number of athletes in sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball, football, to name a few. oReebok Core Competencies:
Trend Identification
Reebok has the ability to use new technologies to design newer and improved footwear. Reebok not only keep up with the latest trend, but they also work with designer companies such as emporia Armani that fits in with the fashion to keep up with younger generations. •Women's shoe design

Reebok is renowned for having a strong women’s sector. Reebok's market share of women's athletic shoe sales was around 35%, and has been boosted by its 'It's A Woman's World' marketing campaign. •Major sponsorships with NHL (national hockey league) NBA and NFL •Celebrity relationships

oReebok’s ability to maintain its competitive advantage is mainly through the strategic merge with Adidas oSince the merge, reebok/ Adidas group will maintain their position in the market by providing a larger variety of products that will suit a larger number of customers. oThe CEO of the Adidas group has purposely tried to keep the two brands separate because each brand has its different competencies. Thus reebok is keeping its existing customers satisfied and the newer range attracts new customers. oReebok maintains its label recognition by sponsoring major sport teams such as the NHL and NFL, They are also the official shoe supplier to Major League Baseball (MLB). o[edit]in addition to having strong relationships with globally renowned celebrities which enhances and promotes the company name
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