Summary of “Not Homeschooling? What’s Your Excuse?”

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: April 12, 2013
“Not Homeschooling? What’s Your Excuse?” Summary
This is an article written by Tricia Smith Vaughan. She argues that homeschooling is a better education option than traditional public schools. In this article she states facts that she has from various sources in one paragraph she gets from fellow journalist Gatto, he says that the public schools were set up in a way to dumb our students down. Dumbed so that everyone would be happy so that students wouldn’t feel dumb compared to their counterparts, the schools toned down the material and no one ever opposed this or stood against it because they were too scared or unable to think for themselves. Then she says that all schools are a big cash cow basically depending on the government for everything and teachers who care about you child’s future.

She also uses her own personal experiences to support her claim as well, in one instance she refers back to her own time in an public schools and shows that she had an bad experience now that she is older and able to look back on the whole thing. She refers to her high school as prison basically because she says that they control everything and she really didn’t have any freedom. Then she compares how advanced her own child is vs. the average child in public schools , her child is light years ahead of the other child learning wise. She closes the argument on the government basically saying that schools are all a big cash cow they really don’t care about the student’s education only the money that they are getting from taxpayers and grants. And not to let the government have a hold on your child’s education get off of your feet and do something about it yourself
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