Summary of New Testament Books

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Summary of the books of the New Testament Books


The genre of the book of Matthew is a Gospel. The major theme is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, and His coming was foretold in the Old Testament. God wanted the world to accept Jesus as the Messiah and Savior. Through Jesus’ ancestry, and major events such as: the virgin birth, fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, Jesus’ baptism, teachings, crucifixion, and resurrection, God demonstrated who Jesus was. The virgin birth was foretold in Isaiah 7:14, as it is illustrated in the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 1 & 2. Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist, (chapter 3:13-16) was an incredible event as the Holy Trinity is presented to us. Chapter 4:18, gives us Jesus’ anointing of the disciples. The sermon on the mount (chapter 5) Jesus lays out His ministry. Jesus’ miracles are told and recorded throughout the book, further demonstrating the power of God. The book ends with His crucifixion, resurrection, and delivery of the Great Commission to his eleven disciples. The key people in the book are Jesus in relationship with his ancestors, Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, Jesus’ disciples, and the Jewish and Roman leaders.


The book of Luke is a narrative work. A theme that is apparent is the humanity of Jesus Christ and His perfection as a human. Jesus offered salvation, strength, and spiritual recovery to everyone he met, but His greatest concern was for the outcasts of society. Luke stressed Jesus’ humanity and compassion more than any of the other Gospel writers did. His narrative made it clear that God, through His Son Jesus, reaches out in love to the unlovable of our world. Luke focused on Jesus’ relationships with people, particularly those who were in need, and he placed special emphasis on the role of women. In chapter 8: 1-3, we are presented with Mary Magdalene, “from whom He had cast out seven...
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