Summary of New Testament Books

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Summary of the books of the New Testament Books


The genre of the book of John is gospel. John was written so that people may believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that you can have eternal life if you believe in him. The author gives examples on the signs of Jesus to portray his identity and mission. The book begins with a description of the Word becoming flesh. John the Baptist declares that Jesus is the Lamb of God, denying to the Jewish leaders that he himself is not the Messiah. Jesus calls his first disciples. One of the signs of Jesus is read in chapter 2 where Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding. This sign was one of the first that showed his glory, resulting in the disciples believing in him. Jesus teaches Nicodemus that you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. Once again, John the Baptist testifies about Jesus and the eternal life he offers if you believe in him. In Samaria, Jesus speaks with a Samaritan woman offering her water that will never make her thirst again. John testifies about more signs of Jesus, which includes the healing of many people and the feeding of the five thousand. He also speaks of when Jesus walks on water. At the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus teaches. Discussion takes place about Jesus as the Christ. There was doubt among the Jewish leaders that he was the Christ. The Pharisees challenged Jesus and he tried to validate his testimony to them. Another sign of Jesus occurs when Lazarus dies and Jesus brings him back to life. Jesus predicts his own death and the Jews continue in their disbelief. Jesus also predicts Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial. Thomas questions to Jesus how they can know the way and Jesus explains that he is the way to the Father. In chapter 17, we read that Jesus prays for himself, his disciples, and all believers. Then Jesus is arrested and taken to Annas. Then just as Jesus predicted, Peter denied him...
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