Summary of Narrative Jonathan Edwards

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Robert Roseland
English 221
Dr. Nicholas Sloboda

Summary of Jonathan Edwards, Personal Narrative

Jonathan Edwards gives us a glimpse into his spiritual life in this personal narrative. He reflects on his overwhelming admiration for the Lord and his own personal struggles to become a better follower. There are times in the narrative where he is out on a walk and he feels a overwhelming spiritual connection with the lord and it brings him to tears. There is however another side to this where he feels he is being wicked at times and he goes into a deep depression and he feels he is not worth. In fact he feels at times where he is the least worthy person in all of making and deserves to be sent to the lowest depths of hell. I tend to think Jonathan Edwards is a really good Christian but he tends to think to hard at times and almost gets in these manic depressive/bi-polar moods where he feels horrible. He does not actually say what types of things he did in the past that were so wicked but he is unable to forgive himself for it. Closer to the ending of the narrative he brightens up a little bit more and feels better about his devotion to the lord and seems to have a better outlook. Jonathan Edwards “personal narrative” came off to me as a man who is very close to the lord and learning about the lord and his teachings. Jonathan seems to have a constant craving to learn as much as he can from the lord and enjoys sharing and talking about faith with others.
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